1033 West Park Avenue, Wayside, NJ

Woolley/Bennett Farm - Torn Down 2009

Building Constructed 1851
Building Marked by Township of Ocean Historical Museum 2002
Building Torn Down - 2009

Woolley Farm (ID#1337-14)
SHOP Opinion 1/1981
Submitted by Monmouth County Historical Association

NJ DEP Historic Site Inventory #1337-14

The Nathaniel Woolley/William H. Bennett farm was located on West Park Avenue, just east of Route 18. It is shown on maps dating back to 1851, when Nathaniel Woolley owned the property, until 1873. William Bennett then purchased the property. When he died in 1893, Bennett willed his farm of "67 acres, 12 wagons, and 3 wagon houses" to five heirs.  Today, the farm is the location of St. George's Greek Orthodox Church.